Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Play dough patterns

Ds who is growing so fast it make my head spin is so totally different from Dd. He needs his own activities and own space to feel his own accomplishments. He seems to have WAY more energy than a few months ago. So we are lucky that we have lots of space and time for him to burn off.

Sometimes I need to remember to use the good old tools to get things across. 
I thought I would introduce patterned to Dd while Ds could just experiment with shapes and colour. Well it ended up the other way around. Ds loved the idea of patterns and Dd was more interested in making the right colour for things.
 Ds worked in a flat environment...and things became the "Star Wars" space ships...we talked about seating arrangements. Ds loves R2D2 so the character had his own special seat...I asked what shape R2D2 was and the square seat quickly became a round one.

 Dd creating

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