Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Books creating interest in reading


Dd likes to make menus. She likes to pay for food that she gets from me. Dd has set me up with a cash machine and money.
So far shes brought mandarins and specials and movie tickets for her 'baby' and ds to go to the movies.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

28th June 2012

We started with story and writing time then rolled into dancing time. Dd wanted north American Indian music so we could dance round the 'fire'. This lead into wanting to have their face painted like Indians but after looking up to see what they looked like dd was not do sure.
Dd found a tutorial on YouTube about painting a butterfly. So that's what we ended up doing. Ds wanted a tiger.

Map work

We've been working with a compass. Dd has often said lets just look at googlemap...shes pretty good at following along the roads and finding people's houses.
We've started making a model of her room as when we tried to draw it she got things in the wrong places. I showed her the "sims". Maybe playing this a bit she might understand how things look from the map it flips very easy between the two views.

The drawing is of our town. The church has a magnolia tree which they play round and round the mulberry bush.. We have the zebra crossing. The car park our house and drive with sandpit. We have the four square and a pink road ;-) as grey is just not pretty.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Morning circle time June 2012

It's hard to keep this up at the moment as often I'm so in what we are doing I don't take photos or the photos are on the other cameras

We were doing some stretches yesterday and I said like Karate Kid...dd looked at me odd...and said who? More like Kung fu panda. Then ds piped up and said No! Angelina Ballerina.

This morning I've tried again to get some rough and tumble into circle time. It didn't get all the energy out but it did make things a little easier.
We danced to secret gardens "drum" dance as ds calls it.
Then we tried the bouncing kangaroo song.

We also have 'fire fairies' which ds loves... Aka candles.

Dd didn't get the adding the first 2-3 times then she was just picking it up so we'll get there over the week I think.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 6th

Bit of a stressful week so far for me. We've been down to Auckland to visit friends on the long weekend.
It's amazing how much you need to have some time off from the people you love the most....your kids.

But so far we've been checking the weather station and looking at types of clouds.
Dd has been helping mark off a weather chart...but the wind has been so strong it's knocked over the station 3 times so I'm not thinking its very accurate.

The bird count has not happened as we've been out in it in different ages and much to excited about climbing "no tree hill".

We've also looked into compass now the family room has tags over it with north south east and west.

Snow flakes...I down loaded this app with the idea it would cut down on the paper cutting. If anything it's make it more so...and more beautiful too.