I'll give an over view of our week

- Circle time
--- Songs which I use to learn just stuff
------- Movement, rhyme, dance, poems, science, maths, letters.
--- Gym has become a favorite of the morning. DD is into doing cartwheels and handstands.

- Main lesson time
- DD does writing what ever we are learning at the time. Currently its blends
- DS learns letters and how to hold his pen.
We might also cover a bit of social studies in here too
I'll have a read aloud story which is read while DS is on the swing and DD is writing

- Morning Tea
- Play time...out with chickens, on the tramp,

-Second lesson  (I've tried to do this after lunch but they have no concentration)
---Monday, Wednesday and Friday we play maths games
---Tuesday and Thursday we work on Science projects

- Lunch

12:30 - 2pm
- Hush Hour.
---Down time for all of us. The kids watch a children movie DVD. Listen to an audio story. Play games (alone). Do craft work. Sleep. Play quietly in their rooms or outside if its not too hot.

- Play time
---Free time to do as they please. Mostly it ends up in the garden
--- I do sometimes if I'm well planned set up an activity like water play, biking riding, visiting friends, or play date.

- Craft time or activity time
--- DD is currently working on knitting and weaving
--- wood working, model making, baking (not that the afternoon is a good time to do that!!! must rememeber), painting, drawing......on and on.

- Reading individually

On Monday DD does ballet
On Tuesdays we do gym
On Thursdays DS does playcentre
On Thursdays we have play date
On Fridays we do swimming lessons and visit the library

My to do list for 2013
Will be looking at setting up a local play date after school for local friends to catch up with
Will be looking at setting up a Bream Bay Homeschool group catch up for friends to meet and plan activities.