Tuesday, May 29, 2012


How could I forget the pigs visit
Last week...another long day a playcentre friend asked if we wanted to visit her pigs...heaps of piglets!
So me saying to myself we'll just go for it...did.
I was told the driveway was a bit muddy...so I thought I would take Dave's truck.
A bit muddy four wheel driving for 15 minutes!
Heaps of lovely little piglets though living up in the bush.
Think dd was a little upset at what they ate...but it's all a part of life cycle. Ds was cold and excited about being in the bush.
Fun they have not really talked about it but it was a neat adventure.

Doing too much

Some times I over do it...and then pay for it.
Both kids have a slight cold. Tired. Grumpy. But other wise fine.
So we've be busy. Done some homeschool activities with others.
Worm farm
Bush walk
Lunches/birthday party
All in two days
Nana is ill too as well as my parents about to leave for overseas for 5 weeks.
A lot happening.
I think time to cut back.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Keeping out of the way

It's really hard when kids are learning to keep out of it.
Even when I can't see any learning it's still happening...just in their brain.
Ds counted to 12 today I'm sure for some just 3 year olds that's old hat but I'm happy for him cause he's done it on his own I did not coach him or correct him or even suggest.
I also have to remember that both my children are very different.

28th May 2012

Horticulture was found its way into the bath room.
The art found its way onto the horticulture.


I've got a little 4m weather station which the kids set up.
Wee made our our weather vane as well which is really cool.
Dd has been watching it and ds would not leave it alone all weekend. Watching the wind change.
The tricky thing is to get it in our path to check every day. But it also has to be accurate too.
Dd wanted to drink the water in the rain catcher... She said it was the best water she has ever tasted.
It's going well so far
Temp 14
Rain 1.25cm
Wind n/w and still at reading

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Being outside

It's lovely weather. And I'm trying to make the most of it.
We've done everything in the morning like reading story's dd kept on wanting more and more while ds wanted to do other things... So I had to come half way.

Boxes again...sigh. After ds 3rd birthday we have heaps of boxes as that is what he wanted to play with.
One thing is there is a lot more team play at the moment.

My parents have been up today so I got to play a full game of + - x and it there no divide key? With all the little story's. I didn't play so she would win...but she has won every time. Just the roll of the dice? Or is it mothers love?

I'm trying to get outside more.

Monday, May 21, 2012


As part of oak meadow we are looking at birds...was a part of our life at the moment any way.
So we have a painting of a pheasant and a chart to mark out how many birds we see though the day.
Dd is disappointed no bird has visited her bird feeder. Ds says why don't we catch one then show it to them.
Dd loves that idea.
Don't know how that will go down.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baking with little brother

It was bring your family day at playcentre...and bring a plate.
On Tuesday dd stays with nana to do baking and knitting.
So in the morning dd took over my kitchen to show ds how to make feijoa muffins.
She and nana do this so she did everything that nana does.

They were counting and using times tables and measuring and all with out me.

The muffins turned out really well and were sought after at playcentre morning tea.


As I cruze through oak meadow grade one with dd I came across today's activity.
We are studying birds...
It's gone well so far.
Bird watching.
Bird id.
Now bird feeder.
So we made one to sit on our fence.

It's all been falling into place it's really weird.
Hawks and magpies fighting outside out door.
Birds nests right in front of us on our walk.
Fantails dancing every where
More birds nests at playcentre just as dd was visiting.
Wax eye smacking into our window this am so dd picked it up held it till it recovered then flew away.
Then building a bird feeder...going down road to hammer hardware to on the off chance the have bird seed. Yup a full display.
So in all going well

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catch up in photos

This morning we gave done circle time with lots of signing, jumping laughing and music making.
We then rolled into looking at parts of the body and putting labels on a print out.
We talked about what animals need to live...dd asked if bees were animals and how we need them...the pollinate and make honey. Could we make Hive? We talked about what the cat needs and wrote a short story.
Then off for a walk along our track to the swings...then tracking a monarch butterfly.
Picking up the mail
Then dance to crazy frog and play the violin.
What a morning
We've got my parents here now to take us to the quarry to pick up rocks.

Oh yes and dd wanted to work with the poss boss...pest controller so I've sent an email to ask if we can join him.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Foot steps at the beach

I tired to convince the kids we could go to the beach yesterday...I got laughed at because of the heavy rain.
So we went today to look at foot prints and build castles.
Dd got excited about the different depths of print. Someone running who was large made a much bigger imprint than her or her brother.
She worked out there were two people walking side by side as the shoe types were different.
The off building castles

Monday, May 7, 2012

Settling into a routine?

We seem to be settling into steady days. I'm reading aloud in the morning still some faraway tree in there but we are exploring more...

We've been working on sounds, rhythms and sort of a bit of poetry in the morning. Dd loves it.

As a extra our family has been uncovering our mt bike track...lost from the time I was pregnant with ds. Both kids love it and will run out along the path everyday. We had story's at the end in the bush.

We are looking at animal tracks and birds at the moment. So sitting still which is hard for 6 is impossible for nearly 3...still we've got a few slow pheasant but dd really wants to see a rabbit.

Dd is interested in counting in twos... Not sure why...she still gets stuck on anything with 5 in it 15, 25, 35???
Found the khan web site which dd is semi interested in.

Explored water colour pencils today. Really loved that.

Well dd is with nana in the am doing knitting and baking...then I think it's to the beach in the pm...depending on weather.

I like it