Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sink or float

Most of our 'work' is very hands on or in books.
So today really leans its self to photos

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maths with marbles

The marbles are gems which the dwarfs have found.
All very oak meadow but dd is loving it.
I always knew my marbles would come is use some day.
I've decided to take maths very slow...part of my fear which I'm dealing with and trying not to pass on.
I think it's working so far.

The battle of the toys

I've been reading lots about toys. We've never been a family that has lots of toys but we did have a few things which really didn't promote playing and extending your play.
We've been slowly whittling down things which have only one use of play. And a lot of plastic.

My other issue was tv. We don't have tv but we do have DVDs and we did put them on in the afternoon.
Well that's gone and limited to a few days and times.
It's not missed at all. Wow.
It might go completely in the summer I can see.

I'm aiming to build a playground outside. Very excited.

Thank you Bear Grylls

I've been reading through some parenting / homeschooling books and a few times now the subject of guns is brought up. How to deal with violence.
I don't know if it's where we live or the people we hang out with...but there is just no guns.
I remember having a gun as a child...didn't know what it was all about.
But today little kids are talking about adventures, lighting fires and gathering food.
So who springs to mind.
I laugh Bear.
We are jumping, swinging climbing, building huts, cooking your own food so much.
So has he became a modern role model? If so I like it.

As part of oak meadow we have begun to look at Christopher Columbus and other America history...but we substitute if living in another country.
I stumbled. Oh goodness.
But mum reminded me of a book she brought me years ago.
I showed dd some pictures...then she told me to read the story.
I was not sure she would follow I underestimate.
I get told to "read that book ...that one with Able and James." as you can tell we've not for far. But it does measure up with the romantic American discovery.