Thursday, May 30, 2013

Graph work

Pets on our end of the road...we did this one together.
Then dd is trying one on her own. Ruler work is a bit of a challenge for her

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Still got the cold

Dd wanted to make a pyramid out of tooth picks she tried bluetac, Sellotape and then jelly beans. Laugh. It worked with the beans.
Both kids spent a long time in front of the fire playing with toothpicks and kindling.
Dd earlier was playing with consonant blends. She loves thinking of different words.
I introduced Sesame Street and there didn't seem to be any interest but when I turned it off both kids complained... "We like this audio story"
So craft projects and audio story's.
Dd wants Harry potter...eek...the cost of that in books and audio is huge

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Juggling family health and life

Ds has been out of sorts for a few days....ARGH!!!
Nothing we do is right and ...
Nothing he does is right

With my Dad away we are looking after Nana and her medication and blood tests.
Lol poor DS who has had lots of tests over the past month to figure out if he has a bleeding disorder is rushing round giving everyone blood tests with his nail.

So with DD doing her school work
Ds making me climb the walls with his cold...who dips in and out of wanting to read, or write or stand on his head
and Nana being 83
its a Challenge to say the least

Ever tried to do a blood test on a 83 year old who is more interested in what her great-grand-kids are up to...who are at the same time trying to ask for more lunch.

DD and I will be going to a Ladies only bleeding disorder afternoon tea on the weekend...DS is miffed and asked why he can't come and DD said lady's only to which DS replied..."eh but your not a lady!"
And just to prove it they roll on the fall tickling each other till DS can not breath because of his blocked nose.

Then back to writing out lovely story's and having a swing before we head off to Homschool Swimming

Oh the joys of health, love and laughter

Science experiment with seeds

DD loves her garden
So this weeks Oak Meadow is really good for her
We have seeds with water and sun only (her idea)
Seeds with  dirt and sun
Seeds with dirt and water
Seeds with dirt water and sun

So we'll see how we go

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nature table to fairy house

We didn't have a space for a nature table for a long while and we used the mantelpiece for the kids, rocks, shells, bits and bobs of craft.
Then we finally got a shelf
And it's been full and well used.
Our hs group did an harvest craft which has stayed on the table for. Ages!
I've tried to change it but have been greeted with screams of dismay...
I was stuck on how to change or clean it.

Thanks to Liz and the team at oak meadow they came up with ideas and help
Dd spent hours even in the pouring rain building a fairy house...out of all her nature table stuff. It's been great!
Both kids totally got into it.
They have moss roofs and walls...and stair cases inside that we can't see make out of stone.
Ds even showed me his next door neighbours place...possibly a rat or rabbit hole. They found mushroom children hehe and spiders webs...dd informed me this was where the dew fairs stored their droplets.
Dd and ds seem to flip between seriousness and science and fairy tails but enjoy their games.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A big catch up of Feb April and May

My parents are heading off over seas for 7 weeks so I better update this a bit more often...Lol DD also checks every day on her iPad to see what I've written...So I better get to it.
It is hard though when we seem to be always on the go

Planting seeds
 The Babies have to come and watch too... Silvia and Goggle

 Dave building with Dad the swings
 DD so happy with the chicks

 Making sand numbers for DS

 Too much for DS
 DS with his swimming teacher...she rocks!!!

Oh it didn't come out...DD doing her China mask... totally loved this activity

 DD with some friends putting the finishing touches to her cake...she just loves rainbows

 Walking into a BEAUTIFUL forest to see some Kiwi released into the experiences

 Granddad waiting for the speeches to finish ... Lots of kids found him fascinating sitting in the grass calmly drinking his juice with his walking stick.
 Ds meet a Kiwi

 A real Kiwi

 Ds Loves to make treasure hunts and using wool he covers the whole house and then leads DD blind folded to find the morning tea he's made.
 Sky tower. We took the kids to Starship hospital to get some blood test and as a well done team we all went to the sky tower. I totally freaked! My Babies standing on glass and so high up.
DS had to jump on the glass to find out if it held him...I just about lost the plot

 DD's early morning activity she set up

 Our local beach

 Discovering Autumn leaves and how much fun they are...we don't have these trees close to our house but in the village we get a good amount

 DD has been wanting to sew her beloved dogs a dress

 Orangee in her new dress
 Oak Meadow making and writing with her own ink and her own feathers of her own chicken

 DS tangles the house again
 The beginning of DD fairy house. A big Thank you to Liz and the Oak Meadow team for helping me on this issue. My kids love the nature table to the point they will not let me change it. Argh
DD spent 3 hours yesterday making houses...IT worked!!!!

 Visiting goat island with the grandparents. Mum and Dad got in the water with us and we had an amazing day. DS wants to go back...NOW!