Saturday, April 19, 2014

Number line

Introducing numbers for Ds. Dd drew pictures and asked how many we had of that thing.
DS tried to move the cat into line but he was not willing
 How many chickens 
how many giraffe 
How many cars
how many shoes.,, dd piped up and said that was not an equal number do she had to re count but DS was was missing

Monday, April 14, 2014

In photos Jan - April 2014

We have a few swings round our place

 We love chipmunks but only during school time so these two can have it all to themselves
 Great Nana and Granddad came too

Grandpa has a pond...and catch n release eels.
 Grannies sheep

The Jane Gifford...had a long trip on that...but DS saw the cement works...
 So we had to spend time there

Bubbles at the caves with Playcentre friends

Swimming lessons for DS

DD sets up a market stall

Dave sorts out a water slide

This was a part of OM...which kind of extended

 Hummm not sure about this...DS despaired with these and came back eating passion fruit

DD painting the phases of the moon
 Meanwhile DS working with a Brain Box electrical set

OM maths for Kindy

OM science and art of leaf stamping

Cat on climbing often a part of our school day

DD and DS are so proud to finally have 1 chick hatch. This is Sheldon...they want a rooster

DD working our OSCAR juicer and juicing her carrots that she grew in the garden...this is after DS spent most of the day pulling them and eating them on the spot.

DS's best friends 4th birthday party....lots of kids and a bouncy castle.

Harvest gathering...always a wonderful day where we all come together and share food which we've grown. Show our art works and have a good time.

 Some amazing work by friends which DD was really impressed with.

Maths in the this book. DD is working out averages. How many seeds in a tomato. First guess was 10..then second was 80... finally she stuck around around 100 which was the best.
 DD insisted that she work with her chickens today
 While DD is working on tomato seed averages. DS is working on balance...was a bit scary at times but this game has gone on for about a month.

Cousins are here staying with G+G

Haemophila camp in the sand pit.

 DS with camp owner taking him on his first ride
 Waiting their turn

 Then the Dads got in on it.
 DD having a go

 Go Dave

DD wanted a chicken cake for her birthday...gulp...I've never been one for sweets baking or anything like that.

 Lovely group of kids

 Party games
 Cousins and mates
 DS best buddies

Taking the cousins through the caves
 On our way out

 Playing on the rocks having a LOT of fun

 The bush walk