Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I had heaps of day by day updates of our holiday in Rarotonga...but with computers you cant trust them...I lost the lot
Never mind we'll just share some photos
 DS loved this little waterfall
 Both kids spent most of their time in the water. It was freezing cold but that didn't stop them for long
 The garden's were amazing!
 We took them out on a glass bottom boat to see a few fish and snorkel. DD really got the hang of it and enjoyed swimming way out of her depth. DS was not so sure about seeing these big fish way up close.

The Pacific Resort Rarotonga was a great place for us to stay. They are really family friendly and looked after us well.
 We took a lot of food with us but we ate out in some places
 DD was in heaven with all the flowers. She had to find a fake one to take home.
 Oh my goodness it should be called CHICKEN island
 Very hot at the markets. Not much there but we dragged the kids round...it was the one time we were really hot.

 Play on the beach was often. The breakfast was on the beach every morning too. DS loved to play in the sand and full everyone's shoes with sand. Argh!
 DD was cold a few days

 They asked for a volunteer so little miss stepped up. She had to wrack a coconut until it split. She was a bit put off that there was a young man holding it so couldn't get a really good swing.

 There is a kids club at the resort but we didn't really use it. We like to keep our kids close. But one evening before dinner they ran races..crab races. The crabs were in the shell. One poor little one didn't realize and was running done the beach when the crab decided to pop out...so then when it came to her partners tern DS he was not so keen.

 Our kids found their little mates...the same ages and same interests. LOL
 DD happy with her flowers
 Dave taking the team out for a paddle
 DD was hooked on weaving. She took the class run at the resort and then kept going back for more.
 Lots of flowers to see...I think the gardener said he had 25 different variety's...not sure

 Heading out for breakfast on the boat
 DS very cold after his swim so needs a cuddle
 Oh the bugs and the little geckos

 DS loves the water and the sand and the islands

 We found a bakery and had lunch outside on the deck. Everywhere we went to eat there were chickens.

Little miss traveler...she's not all that keen on waiting but enjoyed herself.
Rarotonga from Auckland was just the right distance for our kids who don't really like sitting for long. They got to watch a movie and have a meal. Both airports were amazing dealing with kids. DS at both ends was just about asleep and asleep we had heaps of help with baggage and sorting out passports.
We took the ergo baby carrier...I know DS is 4 but it was a good idea at the airports...I think it will be the last time he's in it

Labour day

Very cold in the water but it was lovely to have Dave on a Monday to ourselves