Friday, November 19, 2010

What was your favorite book?

I loved books. My parents had a huge library and any book I could look at.
I didn't learn to read till a rip old age but I did enjoy looking at many books.
When we moved we joined the local library which was new and wonderful. I found a book by Melcolm Wells. I don't know how many times I got it out. I tired a few months ago to remember the title and the author but it was so long ago...thank goodness for Google.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Writing 2

I try to write down on my white board what to do around the house. My daughter decided she should make everyone drinks but wanted to write like a cafe board. This was the first W she's tried.


Following on from the post Slang

"I'm as hot as a roast chicken"
My daughter needs no prompting now to fill in the "as...what?" and she comes up with some beauts.

I was nearly rolling on the floor with laughter with this one, only it was my driveway and I was really hot too.

A few hours later
"I'm as hot as a boiled potato"
I asked if that was less hot than a roast chicken and was told "yes but I'm still really hot".

Thursday, November 11, 2010

How much money is this?

My daughter has been collecting all the small change she can find round the house over the past few months.
We counted it up $3.30

"How much is a chicken?" she asked. We've just brought 6 the other day and she was VERY excited. She is their Mummy now...she is very sad that the Mummy couldn't come too but well that's how it is.
"$10 each"
"So how much more do I need?"
"How can I get more?" (The understanding of money up till is very small)

I explained that she could do some jobs for money or she could sell something.

"What could I sell?"
I remembered the posies she made after the museum visit and said "flowers and plants at our local market"
"Oh that sounds great....oh but I'd have to get Daddy to take it to the market to sell for me" looking happy but then downcast.
"Why" I asked "do you not what to sell them yourself?"
"You mean I could do it....really....a little girl like me?" I had to laugh cause she just told my Nana that she was NOT A LITTLE GIRL...a big girl!
"I could get enough money to buy my own chicken! On my own?.....When's the next market day?...when are the next chicken's going to be born".

So a new project...which I'll have to make sure no well meaning family go...oh how much? Oh we wanted to buy a Christmas gift.

What is inside a Dandelion?

We are nearly back to normal after our tango with Rotovirus....yuck....and my daughter comes in after playing outside and wants to know what is inside the join/puffed out part of a Dandelion stalk.
So I said cut it open.
It was tougher that I thought...but it was open...she looked...said "ok"....and that was that.

She did come back after a while and said she wanted to know we opened the page on wiki...I read the first line...and then she left to play outside.
Note: Wait until she looks...asks questions and possibly use a book instead.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A few weeks ago now Dave said he's heard our daughter say...
Its Black as...
That scary as...
Thats cold as...

And he questioned where she had picked this up from. I was not too worried as we mix with so many people in our little village and our family that I can't make sure everyone is using the 'right' words. Who is to say what is right anyway.
Then at the beach the other day Dave caught him self saying "The sky is blue as...." ;-)

So I've been asking my daughter when she says these words... " what?"

The sky is black as...
As what?
A cloak

I happen to like that one

His fur is rough as...
As what?
Grated chocolate (she's convinced our grey cat is brown....but I still like the choice of words)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Really tired

We've just had Rotovirus would never wish that on anyone.
I've been thinking where on earth did this come from?
My children have just been sleeping and sleeping it off...and of course this keeps on going so the poor children and parents are up at all hours.

Both my parents and my Nana have been saying that they never had anything like this when they were kids...just trying to think of it would of been like for my Great Nana with all her children sick at the same time my goodness they would of had to dig 18 longdrops.

My son has bounced back first...but will not let the Mookys go...all day and night.
My daughter has been slower.

So many people say that children just have to catch these bugs to build up an immunity and by the time they reach school they should be right. what happens to all the people I know who's kids (in school) are still getting really sick?
As I was talking to Dave the other night its really just how many people there are in such a small space...meaning our villages, towns, city or country.
I personally feel that our little village was doing really well until the daycare arrived. Taking young children/babies into an environment which is not their home, so not their own bugs...they are picking up mouthing, touching chewing and tasting things which they would not normally share with other children....and keeping everything 'clean' is imposable.
That's just my feelings.

But all is getting better.