Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Waiting for daddy

Its so hard. We have our life to live and I feel like someone has come in and shaken it all up. And it's not just once but again and again.

We thought it would be a matter of putting the leg back together with a plate. Waiting for the swelling to go down. Keeping infection away. Healing the wound. Now a skin graft. Then maybe a plate.
The days we plan to drive to Auckland to see Dave change moment by moment. Operations get planed then change.
Dave was aloud out of hospital for a few nights and we planed to spend the weekend with him. So we missed out as now he's back in and locked into visiting hours which are hard for children and me 2 hours drive away.

Yesterday dd said lets do homeschool.. We sat down and did a little reading then both our brains grew tired.

I've started again he documentaries in the morning as these might spark interest thought the day. I have not been able to get near our oak meadow books for days. Dave has the computer which has the connection to the printer...not that it matters as most of what we do is outside anyway.

I feel like I've lost my centre...I know that this too will pass...but it's hard to think and I don't like having a foggy brain.

So at the moment we wait till possibly next week Friday for Dave to have his plate put in then wait for him to recover then be aloud to come home.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dave is still in hospital

It's starting to wear very thin around here. Dave is due today to get a plate in his knee. Then the rest of the week till we get to have him home.

Every day the children have been playing doctor or hospital. Right up till bedtime even in bed.
DS is very confused and dd is in tears often. Just being together is about all we can do right now.

Dd asked to do some school work kick starting my brain.
We are writing the redwall story for 6 years to read. She's drawing the pictures and writing a shorter easier to read story. Loving it.

We played treasure hunts yesterday...dd is so excited to decipher the clues. Her reading is in leaps as she grows in confidence.
I love jolly phonics.

I was so hyper scheduled to finish this semester of oak it's blown. But I think it's a lesson to me.
Slow down smell the roses.

I've also possibly torn a muscle in my back. So lots I cannot do which is effecting my other issues of house tidy. My vacuum cleaner is also broken. Hahaha I really must have something telling me to slow down.

I will be looking at developing a homeschool group closer to home when we are all better...keep the travel down to once a week if I can.

Well best start the day

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Wow I feel like we've done so much then not much at all.
Since we've just had holidays I thought it would take ages to get back into school
Over the holidays we've had an egg incubator working to hatch DD's own eggs. She is very disappointed that her chickens do not sit on their eggs and are not very friendly.
We've has two if our own catch...nearly 4 but they diddnt make it.
We've ordered a nz chicken book and dd has worked her way through it and found Cochin chickens. So we've ordered the eggs...and we'll start again.

We've been watching lambs at the grandparents place. Doing long bush walks through their property.

Both dd and DS have been in the train and visited the pa site up north.

We finished oak meadow semester 2 and moving to the third. I feel like getting in the swing of it.

We've had drama and signing classes and really enjoyed it.

We've had homeschool outings and birthdays and baking and art....craft .

Photos when I get I'm doors

Dave - Accidents happen

Dave's escape:

We were waiting and waiting for daddy to come home. No call. No text. No car coming up the drive.
Just as I was starting to get really worried Dave called.
Was being air lifted to Auckland hospital after falling and breaking his leg.

I drove down Tuesday then again Wednesday with the kids. Lots of tears and ds has become very confused...but he's only three so what can you expect.

We are all very tired as we have had long nights and days and it looks like it could go on for another week as we wait till they operate.

Thank goodness for good mates and helicopters.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mum whats that noise

Dd woke up to hear a pheasant cry.
He's VERY interested in birds with nana giving him his own bird book.
We looked up pheasant on youtube and listened to the sounds and watched the birds move around.
Now he is sitting very still trying to see one out the window...little mr 3 so cute. Will try to get breakfast into him but the pheasant keeps crying out so he's reluctant to leave his watching post.
Have a good weekend.

Art class

I ran an art class in town. Oh goodness have not done that for years. I had open age so might of missed a few.
We worked on shading and mark making.
Afterwards we had a picnic in the park. Lots of exploring.

Train ride

Each holidays we try to do the activities and most often there seems to be train rides. My mum has most of the photos.
For a few days after this we had lots of talk about trains and how they work.
They also visited a pa site too which had a cannon that is talked about even this morning.

Painting in the garden

I've been reading through some of dd's school books and they suggest you set up some paints outside.
Love the idea but both my kids were a bit weary.
Anyway dd totally missed the idea and started painting the plants.
Dd loved it and thinks she's the only child lucky enough to do her art outside with her chickens in her garden.
I've been trying to introduce water colors with little success.
Dd loved dd leaf and asked if she could use it...made a stamp.

Cookie New Zealand

We had a wonderful term break. If home educated have breaks.
We've been reading the history book the story of nz. Great book. This activity worked in well. Thanks Nicola for doing this.

New chicks

Dd LOVES her chicken....but with the death of one she's not happy. We have the hyline bread and they don't last long and they don't sit on their eggs.
She's very angry that no one told her this.
I have a chicken manual with lots of breads for nz. She spent weeks working through this book after the death of her beloved Butter to find a new bread called the Cochin.
"mum we need this one. It's cuddly, sits on its own eggs and they last up to 8 years"
Dave bought an incubator off trade me and these little chicks in the photo are from dd's chickens...that don't sit on their own eggs.
Now we have found the very rear Cochin chicken down in ashburton ordered and now have them posted and now in the incubator.
I said I would never have baby chicks again that weren't looked after by their parents. Sigh

New walk opening

We are on our own as Dave heads off for his annual fathers tramping long weekend.
Not to be out done we went on a walk too.
Speeches, ribbon cutting and blessing was all a bit much for ds. He was first across the bridge and then ran for about an hour with me my parents and my in laws racing to keep up.
I've hurt my back so was worried I'd have two tired children to carry back but they did well.

Uncle in his boat

We've had the Lego out on the floor for a week. Lots have been made its been great for quiet time

Rain main pain and snail rail trail

Not sure if the words can be seen but we had fun making it