Monday, April 30, 2012


As part of oak meadow they encourage knitting...this is already something that dd was interested in anyway so is easy to extend.
My nana is helping out with that each Tuesday. I have been taking ds to playcentre while dd is doing knitting and other things which she loves with nana.
They baked some feijoa muffins last Tuesday and today she picked heaps of guava and would like to stew them up to make ice cream toppings like last season out neighbors did this.

I've been trying to encourage plotting things on her callander and sometimes they do get noted and sometimes they don't.

Lots of interesting fruits at the moment so fun season.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Body shape and appendages

The idea is to help the children know the shape of the body. Dd still draws a person with a head and two legs out of the bottom. I know it's a development things but I thought it would be fun for them to draw each other and see.

Fundraiser bike ride

Ds did really well. He caught a ride with Dave for a little way...enough to eat a muesli bar.
Dd did the whole thing!!!
Really proud of them both.
5k on the road.

Writing for April 2012

Foot prints

We've been working away on just stuff. But today I've tried to get both kids out and looking round.
I painted the bottoms of their feet and the printed them. We've then had a look at dog prints and chicken prints. With hope our goat will be helpful and when he comes home our cat too.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Start of term 2 2012

It's been a long holiday with little bits of routine becoming firm.
We are now managing to do some sort of music every morning which the kids seem to enjoy. Dd is starting to understand how a recorder is cross buns ;-)

My nephews have flown back home to London :-( very very sad. I've kept dd busy as last time they left the bottom lip was dragging on the ground for a few days.

Dd had a wonderful 6th birthday. Easter egg hunt! Little friends to play. Lovely!

We've spent a bit of time with friends and family.

*Walking in the dark looking for possums
*Exploring garden bush tracks
*Beach visits...playing with dogs
*Going to the movies with Nanma to see the lroax with glasses... That was an experience we took ds too he loved it.
*Moved both kids into their own room.
*Did the local fundraiser bike ride...5k as a family. Ds was the youngest rider and had just a little help from Dave.
*wanted to paint a dionsour
*leaf rubbings, collecting and ironing into wax paper...ironing table mats...setting table.
*fishing with 14 fish.

Today we've started off with

We've been playing an odd maths game of gem collecting and snakes and ladders mixed with yazee and it seems to be a hit.

We have a project going of uncovering our bike tacks we started before the kids were born. Exciting I took ds along it the other morning but he was a bit frightened.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My mum and dad had the kids on Monday...but other wise it's been business as usual.

Dd is loving her fairy tails I have the oak meadow book which we are working through slowly.
She loves them and we often extend on them like making mint tea today and once the pine needles are dry she wants to make a bed out of them... Well see if you can.
Dd is always wanting to test what is said in books or movies...just to see if it really works.

We've had two lots of friends over today and will have cousins over tomorrow.

Why do I think holidays might be more restful?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Great web site
Lots of good suggestions

Boredom I love this

10th april

Both kids still have the cold which seems to be hanging on. We managed to get through dd's 6th birthday with a tired ds but ok dd.
This morning though they are both really crabby.

Still on we go.
Dd is excited to read the adventures of tumtum and nutmeg mouse. Such a lovely break from the enchanted wood.

We've been working on sounds again as some have been forgotten. Will do some more singing I think.
We had circle time with lots of singing this morning and it was great. Both got into it.
I've been wanting to do some leaf rubbings for ages so on the way home from collecting the post we climbed trees.
Oh goodness
Keeping anxiety out and joined in
We all found some leaves and did a few drawings ds sort of understanding it.

Ds moved into house building with douplo and ds played a game of diamond mining with me.
Working on the story of the four dwarfs plus minus times and divide. We didn't do times and divide. Good game and dd was getting stuck in not wanting to stop.

There has been a lot of talk about the seasons, caterpillars and how many colds you'd get in your life.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Volcano rocks questions

Dd has moved on to volcanos. She's drawn two one erupting and the other dormant
She's quizzed nanma about the ones she visited in Hawaii. Very excited about that. And spend the afternoon looking through a book nanma brought her while there
We've read the magic school bus volcano book and watched the program and then we went for a rock hunt.

Mix that up with dancing to "shuffling" collecting fruit, and making a card for her ballet teacher...which I didn't photo. It's been a good morning

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bumble bees

We are still not well and all very short tempered with each other.
Both children seem to need a lot more help in anything.
Dd came to me on saturday night saying she wanted to study bumble bees. She was too had it on Sunday to remember her ideas....lots of talk on the way home from grandparents place from the shape of the moon to how it was made to particles to how are road markers are made.

Today between the sniffles we've had story's and bee craft.
Watched 2mins of bbc doc on bumble bee...and James Galway flight of the bumble bee.

Now we are into washing basket boats