Saturday, December 21, 2013

End of year and clean up

I have been known to move things round. 
It's hard in our play room as we have some big items aka climbing frame and some unmoveable 
parts aka large windows.
But I try once every 6 months to move it all about.
And after reading this article now I can see why

Monday, December 2, 2013

looking for frogs

We had a big frog theme today. Been to the pond to look for Frogs...sung about metamorphosis...watched Kermit the frog sing about growing up as a frog...coloured some pictures of frog life cycles...and finished the day up with the movie about the Frog Princess....(Which they really didn't want to watch and ended up playing with puzzles instead...too much frog?)

chicken love

Whats in a leader...a 4 year old and 7 year old perspective

Learning story
Topic: Leadership  -  Government
Aim:  To introduce the idea of leadership

Oak Meadow's Story about the Frogs ask for a King
Talking together

I read the story about the Frogs ask for a King. Both children have little understanding about Kings and Queens and really only understand them from Stories and from when Prince George was born.

We talked about leaders and how the government works very lightly. I drew diagrams 
I then asked them what they would want from a leader.

DS started talking about when he was making a toasted sandwich he would like some help...we talked about parents and that is their job. I think they feel that leaders a like parents....just bigger

Both decided that the leaders should help people and listen to people and their needs

Then DS said that if a bird was hurt that someone should help it and care for it. Both children started to talk quite animatedly about this as we had just been to the zoo. The talked about all animals needing help and protection from harm. (Both children as of yet do not understand hunting other than the need for food.)
They talked about trees, rivers and the sea and saving them so they could explore them.
We talked about DOC and what they do.
Both agreed that it was one of the most important things that our leaders could do.
We talked about people taking fish to eat...DD felt that this was ok if we had some to give. We talked about how much was acceptable and fishing trawlers and this brought in some doubts to DD's mind about peoples morals.....

DD brought up very quickly after our talk on animals that there should be a rule of NO FIGHTING!
She has heard of how parents and other people gets sent away to fight in wars.

This lead to children without parents. DS was very concerned that some children have no Mummy or Daddy. He remembered "Annie" the movie and felt that the government should have NICE orphanages and be quick to find a new family for children to live in or at least have a nice place to live.

We then talked about Doctors as DS has just had his hernia operation and Nana is in hospital.  The both felt that these people are very important.
This lead to T our local fire chef and that it was important too. They haven't seen him as putting out house fires, but they have seen him put out a scrub fire, but they have seen fire rescue working with car crashes.
Which lead to their little friends E and T's father who is a police officer. They are not sure really what a police officer does other than keep the roads safe.

I asked what about a leader for education. DD was confused and explained that she thought that...yes there could be schools but only if you wanted to go to them. It would be up to the Mummy and Daddy to find the type of school they liked. But really it's up to the family to decided how to educate the children.

We talked about people who didn't have any money...should we help them...she said that they should get a job.
We talked about people who were older who might not have enough education to get a job...she said then we need to send them to University so they can then get a job.

Comments and Follow up: 
We need to visit the police and fire department...visit DOC
Look into government working a little more
Look at ways to help people more and understand why