Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want to be 2,3,and 4

My daughters first interest in the idea of an "adult job" was to be a rescue helicopter pilot.
I did the parent gulp and said with I hope encouragement in my voice "you'd be a great pilot" This hung on for weeks. Our first lego was to a rescue chopper.
A few weeks later there was a terrible accident with large photo's in the news paper. My daughter asked MANY questions...how, how and why. She was very quite for a long time....but then she still talked about being a pilot for a long time once this was processed in her mind.
That was number 1.

Number 2
I think was brought on by some action in our town. A medical herbalist who has a shop here (who is very good) was in the paper. A close friend has an ear infection.....

Became the center of attention for mixing potions. Nana got this bottle which is a bit like pesto with instructions on how many times a day to take this mix....Nana being a good sport did.
So a herbalist.

On the way to swimming we passed an ambulance.....Many questions..."that would be great to do"
She was going to take her herbs

This morning I talked about my own adventures of driving concrete trucks...number 4. I think i better be careful in my story telling.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No Thank You, We Don’t Believe in Socialization!


14th Oct

A lady at the museum open day gave my daughter a bunch of flowers...which she loved....and even had to go back to the cafe when left it behind (got side tracked 'talking' to a local cat). So when we got home we had to make one...I don't have a flower garden but managed to get a few things together. I had to dash away so she did it all her self and is very proud EVERY one who visits must see her flowers.
We had a day when my daughter wanted to mix...Harry Potter....so the vinegar and soda came out.
My Mum brought some Christmas molds....which are now painted and we've had to make a box for all the Christmas decorations
Seed planting day...she didn't want to do anything with the dirt but was happy to look at all the packets we have and found lots of flowers to put on Peepers grave. Then she and my son worked as a team pruning the Hebe...both LOVED that.

The aim for me at the moment it take it slowly!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Museum Open Day

We visited the Kauri Museum a month or so ago but it was at the end of our holiday so we really just wanted to get home....so we promised our children we would come back.
It was vintage day and packed. Children a bit overwhelmed with so many people but they did enjoy the music and craft work....but still a little young

Chicken Dome

I have to say this is a funny post for me...in some ways.
After we lost Peeper and Bel Mum and Dad wanted to help build a day cage to keep our chickens safe. A friend of theirs had a dome.
We googled for more information.
How many blogging, chicken dome maker, homeschooler...look a likes are there...a few in NZ anyway.
Its looking great so far.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I look forward

I've picked up a few books and have become very excited in reading them...but my children are still very young and enjoy other things at the moment.
I am sure the attention span will get longer and the little brother will start joining in rather than destroying.
I have tried to be patient in showing my daughter how to crochet....but together we need a lot more work. I am self taught but she expects me to show her.
in time

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"I want a bow and arrow"

My Daughter started talking about Robin Hood and wanting to shoot an arrow...a movie or book did some one talk about him I don't know. WE don't have any wood that we could make one so I goggled it.
And made one out of a pen...wow it worked so well

When she lost her pet chicken to a Hawk she wanted to go Hawk hunting...it is taking a while to tell her that the Hawk didn't know that it was not to take Peeper over a rabbit or rat. And the hawk is a protected bird.
Learning to shoot the arrow was an experience. The first time of having to stick at something till she got it. MANY tears and in the end I had to convince her to put it aside (so I could get over my headache)
The next day she was at it again and worked it till she got it.

Just now she's been quite for about 20mins working at threading a needle...no tears this time over not getting it first pop and she got it. So happy and had to show me.

Writing 1

I've read about unschooling but of course I've just started our journey. I am schooled so it is exciting to see the unschooled learn when they want to how they want to.