Friday, January 24, 2014

Jolly Phonics Links

I have been using Jolly Phonics for DD.

She loves it and it works so well
DS has a bit of an anti thing about learning at the moment but loves the flash cards and knows all the sounds and maybe he'll join with his sister ?
I have used this link for dictation. DD really enjoys it as a little light challenge

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Starting the year off well

We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful town with such wonderful supportive people. When dd was about 2 we joined playcentre and even though we don't often go anymore the friends we made there still catch up.
I have lots of wonderful photos of our children playing with their little mates but I will not put them up here without their permission.

Once a year the playcentre from dd's years catch up at Waipu Caves. We camp out and enjoy each others company. Most of the parents were very out doors adventure types BC (before children), myself and Dave love the caves and have spent many years going through them.
Some wonderful friends have an adventure company with all the caving with the kids became a possibility. Little DS even came on his first adventure with his little mates.
He was very excited and when the boat ride out of the cave was on the menu his little eyes just about popped.  He was so excited about putting on the life jacket he could hardly do up the zip.

DD had an experience you don't really want to happen to your kids but does...getting hurt. She fell about 2m off a bridge down into a dried up stream. Luckily help was on hand quickly to gab ice and we had a nurse available too. Dd's arm seemed to get the biggest bang. Dd did not want to leave camp and as no bruising came up we decided to just watch her. 

Dd went on to experience a much bigger longer cave (which was my first cave experience as a teen working with civil defence). She did really well for the first half hour then started to get cold...we moved fast together and came to the part where we had to swim out...she no fear about that. We were working with a team of 15... Big group! Dd's close friends also came.

Then Dd moved onto rock climbing. She loved that.

The camp moves to the water hole for a cool down clean up every day. In our climb down to the water Dd hurt her arm again but still she wanted to try the rope swing and swim.

Ds had a lovely time with his best buddy. Even though they are only 4 they played for hours in the bush beside our camp. Watching frogs and playing house...never really thought of boys playing house but they did and loved 'their' cave.

We had treasure hunts, marshmallows over camp fires, bubbles, frisbee (which wow ds has his own style that works really well), walks and even a movie lol.

But in the end we had to leave...and I took dd to white cross for a check up and X-ray...we have to go for another one in a few days. So living with a sock bandage.
Kids had a whale of a time...over tired and camp food...all good