Monday, August 19, 2013


I am sick of being sick!
We just had the big cough and got over that then then next week we got this bothersome cold which just keeps us tired and snotty.
Xbox...oh I love you today!
My kids don't play many games but today they have discovered they have energy but its too wet and cold to go outside...and we can't visit anyone.
So Disney here they come....lots of running, kicking jumping, dodging...listening and reading too. GREAT!

We did have many tears not being able to play out in the mud...oh well.

Baa Baa

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Some times you forget a subject...more like a break and then you do it again and better.
Marbles rolling
Hand trees
Dry brush dab...not really understood yet.

Monday, August 12, 2013


With Oak Meadow the suggestion is we use ring bound books. This idea fell flat before we even started now I use a ring binder with hole punch and this works really well. 
Currently a terms work will fit in one binder if I squish!
Dd is a bit of a perfectionist and would put a hole book aside which might only have a little work done it it. So with using white unruled computer paper it's great.

But some times I want good thick paper and its hard to find. It costs a lot for places like the stationary I'm trying fish pond.
We are starting to get into art regularly through our week and it just does not work on thin computer paper.

It really pays to look on line for just about everything we need because a) it's delivered to us and b) it's often cheaper c) I don't take our time up looking and driving all over town.

But I need to collate my best resources. Like I can't remember where I brought the NZ play money and I really did need two packs at the time I dithered to should I or not. It's such a hit with my kids and all our visitors as well.

Time time thing we don't have. It will take time to put all that together and it will change as they get older to.

Sick day for me too today :-(
I've got a horrid cold and have been out for the count for a few hours. Mum's been here today and Dave did the reading to start us off for the day.
Hope to be better soon

Free running gym

My girlfriend organised a session of free running up at the local stadium.
The kids loved it!
I was going to take heaps of photos...but truly I couldn't keep up it was amazing!
The first thing dd did was a handstand on the soft mats.
Ds aimed for the high bars and dropped into the foam pit.
I have a bit of a policy that if they can't climb up then they don't get to ds is very good at climbing. It also cuts down on the amount of falls and I'm stuck too.
As there was no structure to the session the kids just ran from one thing to the next getting their fill on what they wanted to do.
My two groaned when I said we were going to do gym...ds fear was he would not be able to be with dd and would have to wait for hours before his turn. Dd worry was she would never get to try out all the cool stuff. I tried to tell them that there was no teacher but they didn't understand until we were well into it.
Best day of my life said dd
Here's hoping we'll run it again.
And I'll get photos

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Painting on the Windows

A few reasons.
First I am trying to build up the connection with Mr H. He's been a little lost over the last few weeks. My Nana has been ill and has not spent much time with us lately. 
Mr H is a private learner. He does not like to do anything in-front of Miss because she's already done it. This has caused him to be very bad tempered. 
So lots of hands on and outdoor time with him. Its been amazing just over a full day of really working with him how much he's changed already.
He was really keen to do this art work once he got over his first stages of..."What the eh?" and then got into it.

This was a really great activity as they loved every part of it. Drawing, Paper, painting them selves and then the clean up. Win win all round.

Shaving Cream with food colouring.

 It did get a little bit out of hand towards the end up it was all good once the hose was used.

My son discovers the camera

Our next door neighbors are like second grandparents to our children and once they discovered we didn't have a camera she rushed back inside and had loaned us her old one. Its taken ages for me to work out how to use it....oh well. And then all these photos were all taken on really low mega pics.
But Mr H had fun documenting Dave make a rope ladder for them.