Monday, October 31, 2011

Age of learner

Some people I feel expect WAY too much from younger learners and forget totally about interest driven learning.

If your not interested it makes it real hard to learn.

It's up to the parent to spread around information yes...but not force it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wonderful picnic to start term off

We had a wonderful time with the kids running around playing some sort of game which got gate crashed by a few school kids who just wanted to be in fun.
We meet a few new families to the community
And I raced around after my 2.5 year old...oh well.
Now I'm being asked for an activity and I would love to sleep on the couch...Dave is off for a well deserved break tramping. The kids miss him already so it will be a long few days.
I'll attempt the farmer markets on my own as we're out of honey and fruit.
My Mum has invited us down for the Mangawhai Ag day as well so I don't think we'll be too board.

Was talking to a few other Mums about some activities running this term. A Marae visit. A camp for just a day I think. Craft day. Maybe another art day?
I'm sorting out in my head what I think I can handle ;-)

Looking for musical instruments

Oh what to get or should I get?
I like some things here

Mostly rattles but I like the drums

Really what am I looking for?

Learning with music and dance

We joined a homeschool class in Mangawhai. Bit of a trip but I feel both our children have loved it. DD is still very unsure of it all as its new and is very worried that I'm going to leave her there (oh my goodness its driving me nuts...but I think I've pined down her worry as her best friends Mother is over seas for a month).
I loved the way that (teacher) is singing and helping the children learn about colours and numbers and sounds.
So I brought the Singing Phonics which seems to be the same program and ideas as what is used in the 'lesson'.
Both my children loved the part of Jolly phonics where they were doing actions and singing and they really get it.

I was siting with Dave last night and thinking...we as humans have been using song and dance as a way of learning and remembering since the beginning of time....why do we not use it much now?

I think it will take a little while for me to get a few things together as visual aids but I think that will make it all the more fun.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Our son is trying really hard to copy his big sister. I'm not sure if he really knew what he was doing here but they were both really excited when he drew his first 'e' they were both singing e e eggs in the pan.
HOLDING THE LAMB. Oh she waited so long for this. A friends lamb "...and all the other kids are holding them but not me..."
Working on patterns. I had to do the threes in pink and purple.
Little mates over and blowing bubbles. I don't know what was more fun bubbles or standing on the table.

We're in holidays right now and its been great. I kept trying to keep back from doing too much but end up booking ourselves out.
We now no longer go to Playcentre on Mondays as the session has ended so that will free up that day. But we will be picking up swimming and with hope still keeping on with the music but we're a little shaky with that.

Quote of the Day

Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.
Mother Teresa
I've been having some Mummy time. Dave "thank you my love" I had the day in town on my own. I think a bit too much Jolly Phonics and a bit too much oh my goodness are we getting anywhere.
After talking last night I will try to do a bit more outside stuff now that the weather is getting better. Both kids LOVE the outdoors...they climb like monkeys....and Love watching Bear Grylls ... my daughter keeps asking if he's real.
I've been reading hard out as much as I can...but in saying that since reading Jon Kabit Zinn...I can read a few lines and then need to think...SO so much.
I've just brought Sandra Dodd's book...I'm getting to many over due fees and its best I own the books I like.
I've been thinking we need to get into our community more...need to help out some how. I was thinking cooking extra meals...but I don't know.
My daughter had another stall at the local markets and did really well. She's now starting to hone in on what she really wants to sell. Flowers!! I've not been one for growing flowers I'm more of a natives but well we can start. She's also sold eggs as she sold flowers to buy the chickens...then brought chickens and we're now selling eggs.
All good...and I'm feeling better too.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reading...and some games?
I'm just looking into these at the moment. I feel like we've kind of gone a bit to far in some cases and maybe have to start from the beginning and take it a little slower this time.
I've kind of learnt this with other kinds of things like movies too. Don't use them all in one go.