Saturday, May 31, 2014

Darling Son turns 5

Its amazing how fast time goes. Just the other day I was so tired sitting in the rocking chair thinking "ok I've got DS's best friend asleep here on my lap...I wonder where DS is?...Oh lol its DS I've got not best friend".
 While at Best Friends birthday DS got on BF's bike and just Ok time for a bike. DS was so blown away. Nana got this bike for him and he saw the card stuck to the handle bars and pulled it off 'read it' then asked where was the present? And couldn't believe it was the bike.

 DS with his little mates
 We're going on a treasure hunt for pirate treasure.
 They needed a little help
 to get the second clue
 it took them ages
 but finally they found it and got to the third spot and started digging.
Wonderful day and lovely kids

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