Monday, May 19, 2014

Lego and the second child

I had lego as a child...the truth I was a bit board of it.
Give me a pencil and paper

Our kids both have lego for their last birthdays. different!
Dd has Bagend from Lord of the Rings...very cool. She's just finished it tonight.
Ds has City garage and he has worked so hard today opening box and making 3 cars and most of 3 packet pretty much on his own...I just turned the pages and ocationaly pointed to the right coloured pile...two days past five years I think that's pretty cool.

In OM today was to talk about numbers for Ds...number shape and number corisponding with amounts...I think it was a little beneath him so we just worked on lego and he read numbers and counted.

Somthing I'm finding funny though. Dd is learning her times tables...and even though I don't think Ds is listening he sometimes chimes in with answers.
He's already got the hang of counting pretty much to 100
Sorry I'm amazed cause that came out of his own learning I had no part in it.

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