Saturday, May 24, 2014

History....of New Zealand and USA, Africa and UK

Goodness I've been looking through our next block of study and looking at what we're getting into.
In OM we'll be looking at United States.
So map outlines and where in relation do you live to the map equator and what are the resources and reasons for living there.
What were the pioneers like?
Where did they first settle?

And transfer that into New Zealand.
I'm pretty excited about this.
I've pulled out Michael Kings History of New Zealand
I've pulled out Judith Bassett, Keith Sinclair and Marcia Stenson's The story of New Zealand...which we have already been reading from.
I felt well maybe another book would be I've looked at Margaret Mahy's Awesome Aotearoa....

Hummmm....I don't know...there are a few reviews on this book. I've seen it myself and was semi interested but I think keeping it real would be best at the moment.

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