Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kelly Tarltons

 This trip has been on my books for so long. First the homeschool group were going to do this so we held off to go with them. Then that fell through. So we waited to see if it would be rescheduled
So off we went on our own
Ds found Poppa's old 'bike' (my grandfather used to work down south)
 Not sure how I feel about these poor Happy Feet behind glass
 The stingray pool with Harpuka
 Eeew yuck what is that...well lets look more closely

 Nemo Mum...they are so small...was Nemo really that small?
 We had the grandparents too
 Not sure if he was aloud to do that but he did anyway
 Maps and long as DS has one he's happy

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