Saturday, March 9, 2013

Talk about the suborn answer

DD was making a weather chart. It was to last a week long. She filled out one day. Then gave up.
I could be the grumpy mother and push her to do it.
I left it on the work pin board for two weeks thinking it might get filled out.
So we talked about it. At first DD said she just didn't want to do it.
I asked would she finish it. She really didn't want to.
We talked a bit more...then it finally came down to the real reason.
It was boring!!!!
How was it boring?
"Mum we're in a drought! Every day is the same! No wind, no rain, and SUN!"
Great... we talked about the weather and how it is at the moment
Then I asked if she would like to do it in another season.

Sometimes finishing a project is hard. I always remember some unschoolers say they wish they had a bit more encouragement to finish their projects so I hope I've hit the right balance.

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