Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our people our town

As part of oak meadow we have been looking at where people come from. The activity today was to walk around town and ask people if dd could take their photo and where they were born.
Dd loved it.
We have a good range...ds little mate was crossing the road with her mum. Born in our own town.
Opp. Shop lady born in Hokianga. Chemist lady born in small town Zimbabwe. Coffee man born in northshore. Hammer hardware born in London. Health shop born in Christchurch. Library born in Auckland.

We will keep going and plot these on maps. Also have photos of family too and where they were born.
Dd felt very proud doing this project.

This is a part of another project we have finished looking at people of the world. This was harder that I expected. We went to the library to look at as many books as we could of people's of the world. Was not many...? Humm we got out picture atlas which was good. But still not great.
Then Nanma and Granddad has a great find. National geographics.

Kids have been glued to them for days.

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