Wednesday, October 15, 2014


DD has started the Boxcar Children and is finding it quite easy.
I'm finding it really hard to get the right level of reading for her...its GREAT being able to put things on the Kindle so we can make the size of the writing bigger.
DD loves the Famous Five Secret Seven and Pirates.
Anything with adventures in it

Hummm maybe I'll look for DS the moment I'm using Jolly Phonics books for him but he's getting very confused with the amount of words and the picture all in one.
Maybe I'll make some of my own.
For DS's read aloud at night he's listening to Redwall...lovely story about mice in an abby...and of course there is a sword and fighting.

Both kids are enjoying The Hobbit...this is the second time I started it and they really didn't get it. We brought the large artist books from the movie. WOW they spend ages pawing through these as I read the book.
Loving it.

Right off to do that i talked about now.

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