Saturday, March 3, 2012

Xbox ... And mummy learns

We do not have many games for the Xbox which the kids can play... But dd chose cars2 as her movie choice for this week...not having a tv means we get to keep an eye on what they are watching... And limit.
So after watching the movie dd wanted to play Dave's car racing game.
Now we've been here before and it ended in tears. Dd wanted us to fix it, us to do it and also we had to be there for her to vent at when it didn't work out for her.
So no!
No fun and lots of tears!
Dave did not want to do that again.
I also did not want to do it again... But thought I would try once more.
I laid down the rules.
No help from me unless it was a computer error.
I was not there to do it for her
I was not there to be vented at.
I would throw the game away of any of the above happened.
Sounds horrible? Well I didn't want to sit again and get so wound up.

I've worked out over the last few years dd is a private learner...the term I found from John Holt. She goes away and works things out on her own.
But sometimes she wants company...not to do it or teach her just to be there.

So I just sat there as she worked out this game on her own.

I think this is part of my problem at the moment a lot of what we do is lead by me (which is a bit of a spin off from playcentre...we come up with ideas the kids can do that they like but its not really from them)or we look at how others have done it.... We need more creative time.
It's hard when I've been schooled not to do the same things.
I think that's why Lego is going so well at the moment and also craft time...which often happens on an afternoon or Sunday morning.

As dd learns on her own there is more satisfaction and we seem to extend the learning a lot also goes in.

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