Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oak meadow when I cant be super mummy

About a month ago we decided to order the first grade of the Oak Meadow curriculum. It seems to work in well with our lives and a lot of it is things we have done or would consider doing.
I wanted to have something for my days when I was not well and couldn't use my brain well.
The rest of the time I'm unschooling and this curriculum seems to be absorbed as just a follow on to our day I'm not forcing it into our day but rather reading the story's and the rest seems to follow.

I didn't think I would be referring to it so soon.
I've got their cold today.

I've read "the bears child"...twice this morning. Dd loves it.

I drew the bears for the B and b and we wrote the letters...not sure if she'd want to do any other letters in this way.

A while ago I showed dd the rat, sat, mat, hat, etc set of words. She loved it.
So today I showed her the words, bay, hay, lay, say, pay etc. this again was exciting.

Dd wanted to make a calendar...make me's the activity for the day in the oak meadow.

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