Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Some days seen to go well...and some less so.
With a rocky start and lots of grumbling on all sides we finally relaxed into butterfly's a lead from enchanted learning web site.

We read the hungry caterpillar last night...and I said the dd could read it to me this morning.
She did really well to remember almost all the words. She's not reading the story but re telling it back using the pictures as clues.
Though now as her understanding of letters and sounds grows she is often looking at the first letter to help remember the page of story.

We colored in masks and cut them out.
They wanted to wear them down the park.

Dd has spent a while in the garden looking at leaves with little dots on them wondering if they are butterfly eggs... We've looked them up but can't find any matches so we are just going to watch and wait and see what comes out.

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