Monday, March 19, 2012

20th march

Started off with dd finding..."an odd looking moth".
We looked it up in Andrew crow s book and discovered it was a magpie moth and it's caterpillar stage is was called a wooly bear.
She do not want to make a display of it...I might have to make a science corner in the play room.

Dd picked up yesterday's project drawing water things...the sea, clouds, river, snow flake...she took over the roll of mum and was explaining to ds what to do.
This became extended into drawing pictures of rainbows and pet elephants and her chickens....

Then for some reason we had a picture of "Donald where is your trousers". ???
I googled the song and played it for dd. (iPads are great).
I'd only ever sung it to her so the Irish rovers were an experience.

"where is Scotland?"
We talked about her cousins living in London and how Scotland was not far.
We talked to ds about how the cousins would be going to he said.
I brought up the "solar walk" app to show them how the earth was spinning round and how the sun is on one side but not the other.
They both played a while with the solar system dd working out the names of the planets by look and guess.

I then swapped to google earth.
Then we zoomed in to find Scotland.
Dd was fascinated by the farm house we managed to zoom in on.
She then wanted to see our house... She found nz zoomed in to almost our town but was a little confused to start as she thinks our town is much further north.
She found our place.
Then she "drove" along the road to get to Nana's then along the main high way to her friends house.

Messy paint day!!!!
Then dd pulled out all the family play crockery and cleaned it all up.
Then moved to the music and Jammed for a while.
Then to craft work with glue.

Home after lunch with Nana.

Dd found a snail in the garage..."do they like water?"
We now have a lunch box with a caterpillar and snail in.
Dd observing them both.

Now it's hush hour
Then with hope on to an experiment with dissolving sugar in water to make crystals.

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