Thursday, March 29, 2012

What a day

My cold is terrible...but on we go.

We read some story's and dd wrote a story about her in the garden with her chickens.

The Far away tree it still going strong.

Talking about plus minus times and divide.... Which connects with the current activity of water balloons and making sure they have an qual amount.

We made it to the library which was much better than last weeks story reading of Angelina ballerina. We didn't get many story's This week as we have brought a lot lately as well as dds cousins giving some of their books too.

We went to the warehouse to choose some Easter eggs for dds birthday party.

Then onto the pools which was mad with all the school kids there. Ours still had heaps of fun even though we could only stay in a little while due to our colds.
Dds last lesson for the term and she has moved up yet another level again. Shes amazing how fast she's picked it up... Dds A bit worried as she will have a new teacher next term and she's attached to her current one.

Now we are home so I can collapse in the chair and watch the kids watch little Einstein. Trying to pat their hands and legs in time to the music. Lol.

Dinner...might be boil in the bag curry as I'm totaled. Though ds said "only for you and dad as I don't like curry"

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