Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Far away tree

Dd loves the magic far away tree.
So I started reading it again last night.
I hardly got more than one line this morning when dd came up with the idea of going to the forest...I asked where would she like to go...it's tipping down with rain.
I suggested that we scatter the leaves she wanted to scatter outside in the courtyard inside...this then developed to drawing leaves...to drawing trees...to making a small model of the tree.
This kept dd absorbed for a while. I built a house box for ds.
I helped cut out the tree while dd stuck on more leaves.

This kept us going right up till 10:00 and dd declared she was hungry and went to look at the clock..."mum you've missed morning tea the big hand is on the 1 now your late".
Oh dear.
I started a loaf of gluten free bread...which they didn't like in the end but I'll eat it.

After Morning tea we moved onto Lego the new set we've got...a car which uses a rubber band to move.
Dd is very excited.
Ds is stuck on the idea of making a plane but at 2.5 yrs he's not quite able to work it out.

We came back to making our trees. Dd having finished hers started looking at the human body book then the abc blocks working out the whole alphabet. Just as well dad made enough to do that.

Now hush hour.
I'm really trying to work on my listening to the kids and understanding what they want to do. Also understanding at what level of readiness they are for learning.

Dd was burning with the idea to maker a munching machine this morning. I was really sad I couldn't even get us to see one. But I have lined it up.

We hope to explore outside this afternoon if the weather lets us...all feeling a bit pend in.

Yup got outside with raincoats on and walked through the long grass down to the pond... We played in the overflow for a little then back up the drive pulling out the pine needles as we went. Dd asked how could so many needles be on the ground but they still have so many on their branches.

More far away tree.
Then dd cooked fried rice poor ds kept saying no peas but he got them anyway.
I don't get it he'll eat them frozen but not cooked. Ds will only eat them in fried rice

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