Sunday, March 18, 2012


I plan some times for things and wait for a lead in.

19th march this week

Wind in the willows
Captain small pig

All water poems
It's raining it's pouring
Rain rain go away

Make a rain maker shaker
Painting of the different clouds and name them
Make a water poster where is water found (print out different drawings)

Dissolve sugar in hot water and make crystals
Pond life study...go and look. Make a pond life, draw and make cover page
Grow alfalfa sprouts
Try the flower with food colouring again
Wizards potion. Flour, salt, sugar, cornstarch, baking soda, food colouring,gelatin, soap flattens, liquid detergent, Tom sauce, vinegar ... See if we can chart them...combination
Keep a rain gage
Gravity Free Water
What you'll need:
A glass filled right to the top with water
A piece of cardboard
Put the cardboard over the mouth of the glass, making sure that no air bubbles enter the glass as you hold onto the cardboard.
Turn the glass upside down (over a sink or outside until you get good).
Take away your hand holding the cardboard.
What's happening?
If all goes to plan then the cardboard and water should stay put. Even though the cup of water is upside down the water stays in place, defying gravity! So why is this happening? With no air inside the glass, the air pressure from outside the glass is greater than the pressure of the water inside the glass. The extra air pressure manages to hold the cardboard in place, keeping you dry and your water where it should be, inside the glass.


Wash the windows/cars
Bubble mix up with egg beater

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