Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What a morning... DAY

We've got some great highs to off set both kids who are not well with a cold.

I had a call from the ministry of education.
I've been like a cat on a hot tin roof for months wondering if I've done well enough in our certificate of exemption.

Well to celebrate!

I'm planning dd's birthday oh goodness it's right in the middle of Easter holidays.

We are taking Dave's sister and her children on a homeschool visit to the ambulance and helicopter.
Ds has his toy ambulance and helmet on.

After that I'm taking dd to the ballet.
The Royal New Zealand

Wow I'm still on a high. Told dad about the cert. yahoo! Dad came with me to the talk put on by the ministry of education - recommend it!

The homeschool visit was great! Tones of people. Great talk and hands on for the kids even ds asked a question...
"do they have to wear seat belts" Lol.
I think he thinks they are super human people...and they are;-)

We then went to the quarry gardens. Kids had a great time. This aloud time for my nephews to interact with the kids and relax a bit.
Wonderful time

Then my parents turned up and took ds so I could take dd to the ballet.
So cute. Mice dancing. It's still soaking into dd's mind.
Her eyes were just about popping out.

Now we're home after a very long day. Nana is here for the evening.

Goodness I can't wait till Dave is home.

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