Sunday, March 25, 2012

New look play room

The play room used to make me almost cry at the end of everyday. Mess!
So I pulled it all apart and have completely devoted it to learning and play...not much of Dave's or mine is in there ...maybe a few books.
I love it.
The kids love it.
The big open space in the middle gets used for the play of the day....marbles, is a bit hit at the moment.

I've still got more to do yet.
We need a science area to keep bugs, and growing things.
We need a season table to display our collections.
I need to get a few collection bags to keep with us so they can pick things up.
I need a craft shelf instead of boxes under the kitchen bench.
The basket in the corner is full of wool and knitting, crochet mum just brought a French knitting thing which dd is loving she is carting every where.
Even mr griff loves this new space.
My nana wants me to get rid of the climbing frame as she freaks out every time ds climbs up on it.

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