Monday, March 5, 2012

5th march

Sea week
We started off with an eyewitness about the poles.
Breakfast dd cooked me fried rice

Reading dd attempted two early readers. We moved onto Lion in the library - both kids loved that one. I started an early reader about mice going to school but dd said it was not interesting.
Finished the magic tree house about dinosaurs.

Dd worked on some jolly phonics work book.

Moved on to yartzi
Then snakes and ladders
Then back to jolly phonics because dd discovered a biscuit recipe for letter biscuits.
So we made them...hard work keeping two bowls on the bench with all the right things in it and the fingers out of it
Ds did soooo well with his cutting.
Dd wanted to make her name and rusty and cat.

Now it's hush hour and waiting for my cousin and her husband to arrive. Dd is hoping to say some Spanish words.. But she might chicken out on that ;-)

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