Sunday, March 25, 2012

For sale

Dd just loves the markets. She's had a few stalls her self to make enough money to buy her chickens... And now saving to buy an iPad.
It's not the best time of yet for the markets so I'm just trying to get the focus on what is she going to sell next.
Mean while they itch to play shop is the point she was playing with her real money.
So to prevent loss I brought some play money.
Oh what a hit.
Everything is for sale.
At the moment dd does not get the idea that each note and coin has a value she only knows 1 and 2$ coins as that is what she got at the markets.
So the lovely purple ones and green ones tend to have the same value as the coins;-)
She'll get there.
Ds has no idea what is going on and just hands over anything

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