Monday, May 16, 2011

Paper Mache over Balloons

This is a follow on from the Balloon fun we've had....see Unit Study in Balloons.
It seems to be a natural progression and sort of funny that in most cases we schooled people seem to feel that you have to show/lead/teach this as "how could they find this out on their own". Ah ha but if we did this would there be a connection in the child's mind and would it be remembered?

Our daughter while caring for her chickens was tearing up strips of paper to fill up their box (so the chickens can sleep in it). Naturally some balloon's were floating around as this was at the time of the balloon Unit Study. It had been raining and some paper got into the children's paddling pool. The balloon's got in the pool...then the paper started to get placed on the balloon's.
Both children covered their balloons with a little help from my Mother.
They were put aside to dry...and forgotten for a little while.

A few days daughter picked up her creation and it fell apart (no glue...just water). She just shrugged and threw it all in the bin....was that it?

Yesterday "Mum I want to do some Paper Mache"...ah ha she's been thinking...."I think we'll put a little glue in the water".
I suggested we google it...and found

To make the Glue

Mix together 1 part flour and 2 parts water

We used some balloons from our son's birthday party.....2 today!

So I was all excited and wanted to take photos to show you and the camera is flat...roll eyes...oh well
I walked out of the room to do some clean up and left the children to work it out themselves.
They did really well.
My daughter was asking what would the label for the flour jar have on it to start with "P" for "Plain Flour". She found it and got all the rest sorted.

She asked my son to mix while she poured the water. They had a loud discussion on how much water to add...she felt that the recipe was wrong and only wanted 2/3's he seeing there was still water left in the cup wanted to add it all....she turned her back for a few seconds and he won...she didn't notice ;-)

One thing I always remember with paper mache was it was always started but never finished. So we've started and there is only one layer...and they both got tired.

There maybe more to this post...but I'm not sure yet

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