Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unit Studies in balloons

Ever since my daughters birthday....she has been doing "scientific experiments" with.... balloons. I brought a few too many packets of balloons forgetting how many I already had.

We started out with bashing them and seeing how far you could through them. How many times can you clap.
They were used in 'battle' against another friend.
They were counted and favored over colour.
They were shared and given away.
They were put in the car and transported to grandparents places.

They have been popped.
They have been cried over.

Then my daughter wanted to blow up her own balloon....sigh...huff. Ok.
I blew the first breath into it and then handed it over...then she did the rest.....she let it deflate and watched it race around the room. This happens many times to excited her baby brother and her self.
The neck of the balloon was manipulated to make horrible noises.
She looked at the state of the balloon after there was no air inside.
I joked and said that was like Mummy's tummy after she and her brother had left it. She had to skuish my tummy.

Then all of a sudden she blew up her own balloon.

Balloons in the bath....the different feel of them wet dry underwater out of the water....even through my poor washing machine.
Balloons under construction.
She remembers reading a National Geographic about earthquakes (well I remember the book and the articcal she remembers the picture) and wanted to see if she could make a building that would withstand the shaking.
I don't know if it worked but she had a lot of fun.

We've had water balloons....that bounce...or break
They have bitten them chewed them.

It has been never ending for a month....I can still hear the squeals now as they are in the bath.
What more will they do.
I don't know
What have they got out of this only time will tell as the little experiments they have done now will come into play as they move onto more study.

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