Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Money, Responsibility, Trust and Chickens

Our daughter loved our chickens...who does not love little fluffy chickens. We brought home a Mother hen with 13 babies. These were our first chickens so we didn't really know what we were doing.
Our daughter was in love.
She wanted her own chickens.
We explained that chickens cost money to buy...."How do I get money?" she asked. We talked about earning it and ways to do this.
She settled on having a stall at our local market to sell lavender and salad (two things from our garden which we have a lot of).

I would like to thank all the local peoples who supported our daughter and buying from her.
You have helped her dream come true today.

She ordered her own chickens from the pet store. She asked for 3 (a little unsure if she could afford them as she didn't count up her money before she went). Lucky she had enough to buy the chickens and the food to get them going till they are able to join with the other chickens.
They have no names yet but she has asked if she could use the name of our Mother hen who died as she misses her....so BEL will be one.

It was hard once our daughter started earning money to just leave her alone. She worked so hard that I was really worried it was going to go missing in her room. She would play with it and have is scattered all over her room. Dave kept saying we have to leave her as she needs to learn to look after her own things. But I managed not to take over and control. (learning learning).
We did have a small moment when I put her "Miffy bag" in my bag to take up town this morning...and she said "No it's my bag, my money, my chickens". Ok ok I said to myself as she took it back.
Sitting in the car Dad asked her "do you have your Miffy bag?" panic she didn't. Little lessons all over the place.

So a new venture for our daughter starts today.

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