Monday, April 18, 2011

Interested in the Moon

My son can be any were and at any time and all of a sudden shout "Moon...Moon!" and rush to the window and point, or bang on the window if in the car.
While eating his morning tea he will call his crackers "Moon"....bite "Still Moon"....bite "Small Moon Mummy".

My daughter is really excited that the moon is full "Then we can collect Pipi" possibly my Nana has told her about collecting Pipi and relation to the moon. This has been something I've been meaning to do for ages but am not keen to take two kids to the beach, try and collect shellfish in possibly waist deep water....both of them a little too over keen on the water.
But back to the moon.

Moon craft...could be good for the art class we're going to have here soon....or just good to do anyway


  • Create a mobile that depicts the phases of the moon in order. A wooden dowel works well as the base of the mobile. Use card stock or poster board to cut out the moon's shape for each phase. Let the kids sponge paint the cutouts to resemble the surface of the moon. Use pieces of string to tie the moon phase replicas to the dowel in the correct order. Make a label for each of the moons for future reference. For further practice, have the kids make a smaller mobile using a wire hanger as the base.

Read more: Phases of the Moon Activities for Kids |

We talk a bit about the moon and relation to our gardening....probably not as much as we should. I've also been trying to talk about the different months as well but the confusing parts of Luna Month and Calendar Month are a little bit too over their heads at the moment...hey they are just understanding that Monday comes after Sunday.
Wow the whole time concept has not even begun ;-)

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