Monday, April 25, 2011

A day in our life 26th April 2011

Goodness is not even lunch time yet.

Before we start our day we always have story time....Famous Five I hope my daughter gets sick of them soon (I'll probably write more about this later)

We've started out the morning with a little drawing...which is extending from another small Unit Study on the Titanic.

We moved onto trying to put glue onto the outside of a glass which would then have beads stuck to it to create a vase. My daughter was getting very frustrated with this as the glue would not come out fast enough. She said "I wish we could just take the lid off" I took a deep breath and said "well why not" so we did and the first squeeze it went every where...I suggested a tooth pick to draw on the side of the glass...she suggested a cotton bud which was much better.
I resisted the temptation to show her how to make flowers or other such cute things which could be expected of her.

We sprinkled beads which she got really sick of quickly...and then wanted to thread them....oh dear more frustration with not being able to get the cotton into the little hole.

My son was working on cutting and gluing.

Phew....moved onto making some lunch. I started the bread dough while my daughter tried to make a hammock out of a sari using a stack of books at one end while she held the other down the bottom of the stairs. She started putting in her soft toys....and then convinced her brother to hope in...I had my back turned and was just looking to see him sit down and fall down the stairs. No major he tried it again...I convinced him to leave his sister who was getting frustrated with him.

We started to work with the bread. I broke a little bit off for each of them which they rolled out and sprinkled with cheese and onion. My daughter did not want to share the same baking tray as all the others we'd made and found her her own knife cut them all to shape and put them in the oven on her own....
Move onto water play. By now I'm a little grumpy as my last favorite dish was nearly broken and just needed to sit down a short time.
Splat...a whole yogurt container of water all over the floor.

Ok Mum needs a little food and we'll read a little more Famous Five.
Count to 10 under my breath

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