Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quit your learning and eat your dinner

I didn't say that word for word but I pretty much said words to that meaning.
Oh sigh.
Its (learning) coming at every direction and sometimes my brain just can't cope.
I used to write posts about my daughters writing I'm not sure I will for a little while because its happening so much over the last few days that it has almost become a regular thing....haha for this month....I'm sure it will change again.
Cooking, reading, showing what she knows, describing to her brother what she knows....
Talking to her brother "Do you remember what we looked at this morning? Through the binoculars? A birds nest in the tree!"
Talking to her Granny "Just wait we'll get my book to see what type of insect that is....did it have pincers at the back? How many legs? Wings?....." both heads look over the photos in Andrew Crows insect book.

I do find we have so many more questions later in the day when Dave gets home and often what to keep working on some project or another.

Just have to go with the flow

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