Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poetry Day

Well we've started off with nursery rhymes "Five little Monkeys jumping on the bed". Then my daughter said she remembered one about a BIG boat and all the animals going into it...I've not been reading nursery rhymes to her for a year or so but I knew the one she meant.
We talked about Noah and his Ark. I told a rough story about this...she was worried about the idea of only having two animals...only a Mummy and a Daddy....where is the baby? What happens if the Mummy or Daddy dies (our Big Daddy Chicken is very unwell at the moment and has not fathered any chicks yet) would there still be elephants or lions if one of them got sick and died.

Wow some very interesting questions from my little 5 year old. We talked a little more then she'd obviously had enough and has gone to process all this.

All from reading a nursery rhyme

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