Monday, April 11, 2011

Where do I buy school supplies and do I need it?

I've been thinking of running a small art I'll need a few things.
Where do I get it? And the cost...oh goodness

I've started off with the Playcentre shop...but will they post it all the way up to us?
What about the good old Warehouse Stationary? Is the cost any good? possibly not.
Office Max I don't think it even comes close.
Teacher Direct I've never heard of them but well does that matter?
Tutor Education again I've never heard of them and they seem to have everything.

Oh sigh

Then I see all sorts of other things which might be cool to I really need to get roped into it all? It would be nice to have some storage for our things we seem to be collecting. But 'teaching' stuff I don't think I should go over board on that.

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