Sunday, April 17, 2011

When a simple choice is too much for a child (and a parent)

We are in school holidays now. Getting deep into Autumn and feeling the bite of winter coming.
Finishing term 1 swimming lessons has left a dilemma for me....and my poor daughter.

The last few lessons the swimming pool was very cold. Children were not making it all the way through their lessons, and ended up coming out blue cold early.
Not only do I have one child which is cold and swimming with out me but on her own with her teacher then I have my younger son waiting (he did not want to do lessons as he had a bad fright last year) for his sister to come into the bigger pool to swim with him once she had finished her lesson.

So the cold is one issue. The Aquatic centre has some issue with heating at the moment.

My daughter has made a wonderful friendship with a little boy in her class. His grandmother is delighted as well and would like to keep the friendship going for one more term till he goes to school. I feel a great amount of pressure as I know that friendships like this are lovely. My daughter has said that she would like to have her friend come to our house...and I wish that we were able to do that (this might possibly be an answer...need to get contact details).
"I only want one more lesson with *** then no more lessons....I'll just see him once again".
Sounds so sad and final.

So the friendship is the second issue.

The weather and the constant sickness is another problem that we suffered from last year over winter. Many children came to their lessons not completely over their colds/flu and my children picked up a few and they hung on and hung on...missing out on lessons and making life very difficult.

Sickness second issue.

My daughter has done so well in lessons this term. The class has three people and is run for 20mins with a firm but happy teacher. If we do not go this coming term she will not be able to keep in this class...will she keep all she has learnt?

Keeping the skills fresh.

Is my unschooling feelings affecting my daughters decision?
Am I embracing the unschooling ideas? Should we not just go and play in the pool and let my son and daughter find their own water confidence?

I think I have made a choice.
No more lessons.
But I wanted to involve my daughter and asked her what her choice would be. She said no more lessons but wanted to see her friend. I tried to ask her if she did not enjoy her lessons...she could keep going I'd be happy.
"No more talking more questions" she continued to play while I felt confused she tripped and fell not really hurting herself but the tears were very powerful.
"Have I asked you too much" I asked.
"Yes" she brighten straight away with happiness and I could see she almost physically handed the choice back over to me.

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