Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another sick day

Here we are in another sick day.
Watching DVD's now as both children are very tired. My daughter has started pulling the story's apart.
Sleeping Beauty...."How can an owl be out and flying around during the day...and how can he fly with a cape over his wings?"
I didn't ask her how did the fairy's do their magic or the dragon or the.....ok ok.

We've also watched Tangled a few too many times in the last 24hours... "Look that horse is eating paper"

Aside from the cartoons we've been keeping up with our Dinosaur Unit Study and watched a Walking with Dinosaur's this morning. She was really worried that a flying one could not land and find a Mummy.
Some friends of my Nana gave her some kids books for us and my daughter found a few of the dinosaur in the pictures that we've already seen on the documentary.

At the moment I think we're all like sick families...grumpy and tired. I just can't wait till we're all back together. My Nana is up with us...she's great with our son

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