Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Famous Five

My daughter is so hooked on "Famous Five" argh....I don't know how many more lashings of ginger beer I can handle, or huge breakfasts of bacon eggs tomato.....and all the rest....I must be getting fat just reading about it.

Books that were published back in 1942 are really hard to read. I've often read in the first book out aloud few lines before I've realized what I've really said.
Lots of hitting....and encouragement of hitting.
Being really horrible to a person...and being encouraged to be horrible.
Dave and I have been editing small words out of it...as I'm often shocked at what I read. Or if I do read it (before I realized what is happening) I stop all of a sudden and say "wow that was really not nice"

Am I being too picky? Will my daughter read worse...I'm sure she will but not at the ripe old age of just turned 5.
I've often had my Mother grumble at me that I'm reading books too far above her reading age....but my goodness my daughter is begging me to read at any moment she can get in edge ways. She even encourages her brother that he can "have a milk with Mum while she reads" so I've got both of them wanting me to sit down.

I'm sick of them...Famous Five (kids too sometimes ;-)
I suppose I just have to read them all and then when we run out...I can rest. I've never read out loud so much in my life (always had a bit of an anxiety about it).

Some times I wonder if my daughter is really listening as she can be rolling round on the floor with the cat or jumping on the bed looking out the window. I stop...and she quickly tells me "Keep reading Mum".
I wonder if she really remembers what is going on in the book....sometimes I think she gets a little lost or wrapped up as Dave and I often swap reading in the evening so I can help our son off to sleep....
While on the beach a friend stopped by to talk and pointed out the book and asked my daughter what she thought of it....and my daughter gave a full run down of the story...I was surprised.

Only thing is silly me I've not taken note of which ones we've read...and its not like you can tell just by having a quick flick through...hey they could be eating supper again....or buying ice creams and feeding it to dear old Timmy
Oh and little Anne loving playing the housewife....argh....but at least she kind of canceled out by George.

Oh well I guess we all have to start somewhere.

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