Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ice Age 3 and Dinosaurs and History

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs it seems to be at the moment (with a few other things as well...but hey I may not see the connections now but its not my brain)

In Ice age 3 I think it was a nice touch that there is a Mummy Dinosaur and some babies which makes them all the more...real and worth looking into for my little girl.
Bit of empathy going on here I think.

So my daughter has been trying to work out which Dinosaur type the Mummy is and we've gone through the books we have here at home and then moved onto the books in the library. I've kept away from the web as my daughter seems to get a little lost or maybe its just too much...where as books are able to be picked up and put down on your own.

I've been talking about they types of Dinosaurs and the era they came from.
"Hey look there are Dinosaurs that have legs like Blackie (our chicken)" we talked more about that.

We talked about a lot before we got in the car to go swimming. Then we talked about how people moved around the country when NZ was first settled. Using the rivers and the dirt roads.
"Did New Zealand have Dinosaurs?"
We talked about the Moa a large flightless bird...which looked a little like some of the Dinosaurs in her book from this morning.
We talked about the Kiwi and the call they make....which lead into tramping one day....

"Why is there no bark on that tree?"....we talked about some gum trees shedding large sections of bark....

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