Monday, May 9, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Our daughter LOVES treasure hunts! I used to sigh thinking 'oh goodness here I have to sort out some treasure'.
But for a child who has not been bombarded with 'if you do this you win this' or 'if you complete this you'll get a gold star/sticker' etc.

She is satisfied with just doing it.
So she's done heaps of bug hunts which really go well with our "Bug Unit Study"...but this has taken a bit of a dive as of late as we had a tango with a White tail spider...she didn't get bitten but I did panic a bit.

So the other day I was really surprised that she worked out a really cool game all on her own. We have a nice little bag of balls...all different shapes and sizes colours and she hid each one in the courtyard somewhere and then my son and I had to find them.
It was great! I have no idea where this came from at all as we'd never done anything like this before.
We played this game a few times then...both children decided that they would love to see how far they could throw down our hill. Big sigh now. They promised they would pick up all the balls out of the garden...hahaha.
Grumpy Bear Mother comes out. We've lost two which is not too bad but not great either.

But top marks for a great afternoon.

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