Monday, May 16, 2011

Sick days while Unschooling

Oh wouldn't it be nice to have a sick day.
But as a Mother/parent you don't get one.
And the children don't get one when they are unschooling either ;-)

Both my children have some flu thing. Sadly my daughter started to show her symptoms on the day of my son's birthday party. Grumpy all morning wanting to be carried or have lots of hugs. As the time got on to the party she picked up and started to ask when our family were starting to arrive....then she crashed just on dinner time.

But the brain keeps going.
The questions still keep coming...even while my daughter was on the couch she was watching and listening and when able would add her 2c worth.
"No Nanma its a plant eating dinosaur" as my Mother talked about my son's birthday present.
"Mum what is that flashing light for on the computer?" its amazing what you see when your forced to sit still.

This morning we started Paper Mache over Balloons with both children coughing and sniffing. They really wanted to do it and I suppose the good side of being at home is you can do a little here and a little there.

I laugh a little as for our certificate of exception we are supposed to supply a timetable/curriculum/ (or the one we will go for) description or routines. So even on a 'sick day' we still learn....even on a weekend....even on a holiday....learning all the time.

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