Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ballet class

Ballet...well...we're giving it a go.
This is the dance class available in out little country town and a lot of families seem to be very enthusiastic.
My daughter was very worried that I would be leaving her while she did the class. Which is what happens at swimming classes. But I assured her that I would be watching the whole time...."Oh but it's such a big place (hall) and your right at the other end".
It was nice to see that some of the other little girls also worried that their Mothers were about to go some where I didn't feel all that odd.
The class themselves seems to be very relaxed. Just listening...and then doing a very small activity and then moving on to another one. My daughter seems to be ok with this but needs about a day to process it all so far....I'm sure as we get along a little things will get better.
She's not keen on doing her hair at the I have no idea how we'll get it up. I've had to show her photos of people with dreads but even then she's not keen. Sigh
Oh well

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