Thursday, March 10, 2011

Writing 4 and building own doll house

We have never yet sat down with our children in a 'formal' lesson on letters so I feel amazed at how my daughter is progressing. I brought a book for her to trace the letters....but quickly understood that my daughter really did not like this idea and felt offended when I offered them.
The top word is my name Megan in blue. My daughter understands that there are upper and lower case letters but gets upset when I write in lower her name is short she writes in caps. But is really attempting to work with lower case....the g she finds very hard as .... well just look at it in type. A small a too is bad.
The bottom word is her working on Nana's name Joyce. Never come a cross a J yet ;-)

I am also very amazed at both my children who do not often get to work on a project for long amounts of time and finish it. (Playcentre is a few hours be often too busy with too much to do and get distracted). So they both made 'doll houses' for their 'animals' ....two dogs, one lion and one meercat.

We have been struggling with our son as of late...he's growing ;-) Reading Attached at the Heart again has reminded us to let our children do their own matter how old. Children justs want to learn and want to be good.
My son wanted to cut his own windows with the kitchen knife. My first reaction was "NO!" then I thought a bit more as thought why not. I was standing right there. So we worked at it together. He seemed to understand the dangers and said "sharp"....he quickly realized that cutting the box was very difficult and needed more strength than what he has at the moment. He then handed me the knife back and pointed to where he wanted his window.

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  1. Awww, love the story about your son and cutting the windows. I remember similar incidents with my older girls - and will have those hurdles again with my new toddler. There are many times I cringe when they independently ask to do something a little 'risque' or something that I don't think they've quite got the motor skills to accomplish. Thankfully, we've not had any cut fingers... yet (touch wood!). x Have a great weekend x